Yakitori Yuchan is an Izakaya-type restaurant.


Izakaya is a type of casual Japanese drinking establishment, intended for after-work drinking. Izakaya places also serve food to accompany the drinks.
Izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit inside the shop to drink- “Izakaya” is a compound word consisting of “i” (Pronounced like the letter 'e', meaning to stay) and “zakaya” (sake shop).

Unlike other Japanese styles of eating, food items come in small portions and are usually shared by everyone at the table (similar to Spanish tapas), so you don’t get full while you are drinking. In Japan, it is common to order drinks upon seating and then order foods slowly, choosing a few dishes at a time as not to overwhelm the appetite.
The main idea of Izakaya dining is to take time and enjoy good food and good drinks with good friends.



Yakitori is one of main dishes among our Izakaya dining.
Yakitori, literally “grilled chicken”, is Japanese style skewered chicken.
Yakitori is made of several bite sized pieces of chicken meat and giblets, threaded on bamboo skewers and grilled, usually over Binchotan charcoal which is a key role player for cooking Yakitori.
Yakitori has more than 300 years of its own history and recipes in Japanese cookbooks, and is often served by street vendors and Izakaya places as a casual food.

Why does food taste better when cooked with Binchotan charcoal wood?

When you cook with the heat too low, the food retains its uncooked odor.
When you cook with the heat too high, you burn the outside while the inside remains raw.
When cooking yakitori with charcoal, the intensity of heat is easy to control, and food can cook at a constant temperature.
Our yakitori is cooked using high-quality Binchotan charcoal from Japan.
That ash on the burning wood radiates infrared rays, which cook through the inside and outside of the food evenly, sealing in the flavor.
Other Japanese restaurants also serve yakitori, but they are often cooked on an electric or gas grills, and do not have the same depth of flavor as yakitori cooked with charcoal.

At Yakitori Yuchan, we also serve pork skewers, beef skewers, seafood skewers, and some vegetable skewers. We use local fresh free range chickens and Binchotan charcoal imported from Japan.


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